Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't Forget to Wipe Your Armpits

Eryn can sleep through anything. And by anything, I mean right through needing to get up and use the toilet. The little girl is serious about her sack time. So our new process is to get her up right before we go to bed so she can pee. Most of the time, she doesn't fully wake up, and it's a matter of hauling her to her feet, grabbing both her hands, and walking her like a marionette to the toilet. Once she's enthroned, you have to speak loudly and frequently, in order to keep her from falling asleep in a.) mid-pee or b.) mid-wipe.

This leads to some amusing situations such as last week, when I handed her a piece of toilet paper to finish up, and without looking up she grabbed it and proceeded to wipe under one armpit, and then the other. When I told her, "No, honey. You need to wipe because you peed," she moved to use the armpit paper, and I had to intercept and give her a fresh sheet. I'm not sure what happens if you wipe your girl bits with sweaty armpit tp, but it doesn't seem hygienic, and certainly conjures up concerns about transferring some sort of germ from where it usually lives in stasis to a place where it discovers it can thrive.

And last night, after finishing up, she went to wash her hands, and spent several minutes trying to push the straw in her drinking cup up and down so it would dispense soap. When I pointed out the problem, she filled her hand with soap from the dispenser, and then pushed on the straw some more, slathering it with soap. Then she went in for a drink. I was expecting that one, so that straw disappeared like I was David Blaine.

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