Monday, March 17, 2008

Willy Wonka

I'm pleased that Klund invited us to the community production of Willy Wonka and not Wonka's Willy. I was worried - he has a strange sense of humor. The St. Peter production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was wonderful, and Eryn enjoyed it immensely. I did too - but I note Eryn's enjoyment because she was on the edge of her seat for almost the whole play. We've been worried she won't behave if we take her someplace like the Minneapolis Children's Theater - but those worries may be past. So here are a dozen pictures and even a few videos, because I don't want to disappoint Mean Mr. Mustard, who's latest post is about how the rest of us haven't yet blogged photos.

My wife took a lot more photos of our kid than the other kids. I guess that's just normal. But we have a lot more video of the other kids and the play than we do of Eryn. What's not so normal is that fully 50% of the pictures seem to be from the line before we got into the play.

Here I am, providing pre-play entertainment by giving rides to Kelson and Eli. The next day Klund gave kids rides by lifting them by their ears. I wonder if they fondly remembered my less-painful version.

Milena and Eryn trying to push me over onto my butt. I think my sense of balance is going away as I get older.

'Cause I've got a green ticket! 'Cause I've got a green ticket! I've got a green chance to make my way. And with a green ticket, it's a green day!

Emma spent the whole weekend avoiding our camera. At breakfast I tried to take a few, and each time she was gone before I could get the lens focused. Unfortunately for her, she was slightly less successful than Mr. Mustard, and I managed to grab half a picture of the back of her. I include it here so I can say I was successful. I think Mr. Mustard is avoiding my camera ever since the whole LOLMustard incident.

Willy Wonka telling Mary all about how he had to put down an Oompa Loompa before the show. Recommendation #1: Klund and Tall Brad should have starred as Oompa Loompas. Recommendation #2: the Oompa Loompas should have come running out wearing squirrel ears during the Veruca Salt scene and attacked her. My imagination isn't so good - I need visuals.

Who can take the sunshine, and sprinkle it with dew, hug a pregnant lady and a child or two? The candy man. The candy man can!

Deciding whether the birds in the yard behind the breakfast buffet were red wing blackbirds or turkeys. What's that one? A turkey. That one? A turkey. How about that one? Squirrel. That one? A male turkey, a tom. That one? Turkey.

So many birds to see in the book that aren't out the window.

Yum. Chocolate for breakfast. Charlie (aka Koleman) put Eryn's chocolate consumption to shame. He had a piece of cake, in pudding, with some chocolate sauce, and I think there was some other sort of chocolate-based dessert, all mixed together. Later, when he came down off the sugar high, he noted he was tired.

Hey. Who did you get pregnant? You know who I got pregnant? Oh yeah. I got someone pregnant. Someone right here in this full season porch. No less than six feet from TallBrad Ground Zero. Guess who. No, not you. But someone. Look at my face. You know this is the face of a guy who could knock someone up, the face of a guy who knows he knocked someone up. I'm going to be a baby daddy, and everyone will know it, because I'll be looking at them like this, with this look, and they'll think, "That guy either wants to get me pregnant, or he got someone else pregnant." And they'll be looking around, thinking everyone is pregnant, because I'll just keep looking at them like this with my sly I'm a Daddy-to-be look. Come on. Guess. Guess who it is.

And now...moving pictures! Where we finally get some pictures of the elusive Koleman/Charlie.
Ring Around the Rosie. I had two videos for this one. In one, Eryn is showing so much butt crack it's probably illegal in some states, like Louisiana or Pine Lawn, MO.

Ooompa Loompas celebrating the possible demise of Augustus Gloop, the great big greedy nincompoop.

Chocolate River. During the play, they pumped 50,000 gallons of melted chocolate through the audience to simulate what it was like to be Augustus. The Violet Beauregard scene involved blue food dye and air pumps - we've all agreed never to talk about it.

Introduction - Welcome to the Factory. Near the end, you'll hear a crazy laugh. That's Eryn - she has a Nelson Muntz-esque laugh going at the moment. Reminds me of a girl I wanted to date in high school who would laugh in the movie theater and everyone would go, "Hey, Kim's here."

Grandparents. Klund played Willy Wonka andone of the grandparents. There just aren't that many people in St. Peter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pictures and commentary on the weekend's events!!

This is from klund's mom.

klund said...

I hate to tell you this, Scooter, but you may have just peaked. The TallBrad picture and commentary is absolutely perfect.

I don't think that can be topped. No matter how many statues you touch inappropriately.

Anonymous said...

We are just preparing for our school production of Willie wonka - can you gives us some clues on the violet scene as we are strugling to come up with anything which looks any good.


Nicola Hanson

Scooter said...

I believe in the St. Peter version, they just made sure she had on face paint that would pick up a blue light, and moved her to the foreground so she was very blue in comparison to everyone in the background. Then got her off stage and implied she was puffing up.