Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Urinal Cache

Not to be confused with a urinal cake. I went geocaching with my friend, The Boss, yesterday. We went down by the Mississippi River and Hwy 5 to find five along the river. We looked for six, but one of them was well hidden, and with the just-above-freezing weather, the slope out of the river valley was a muddy, snowy, slippery mess. My muscles hurt all day today from trying to climb up and down the bank, grabbing at trees to pull myself up areas that were too slick to just walk up.

But I must clarify. The Boss and I found five caches together. I found one extra. I did it in the time between when he stopped to tell me he was going home and when he came back for me at work. He left me a mystery cache to solve - in the building! I'm very impressed with myself. After all, I managed to home in on the thing even with four stories of cement between the satellites and my gps unit. To put it in perspective, later we had trouble with a bit of overcast, some tree branches and a slope. I was truly amused with his choice of location. What I can't understand is why he used the plasticware he brings his cereal to work in every morning. But you know - whatever flushes your reservoir. Here you can see I popped it open to sign the log, "NodToNothing was here!" Those automatic flushers are a real nuisance!

Erik said that my geocaching skills were sinister, which was a nice compliment. Although it is somewhat obvious, given that's my left hand in the picture. I was going to tell The Boss about my find right away, before he had a few breakfasts in his reclaimed cache container, but I figured he knew, as I gave him back the breakfastware almost immediately. I'm sure his thanks were his way of expressing gratitude that his test of my caching skills meant I'd be instrumental in our next several finds.

I haven't found a place to log my find on geocaching.com. Perhaps he hasn't registered the cache yet. Boss, if you do, I suggest titling it "Breakfast of Champions." An alternate could be "Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands."

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Too funny! TFTP!