Friday, March 21, 2008

Naughty Girl - Giddyup

Hey! Apparently working in Scotland is almost like riding my company elevator!
"Mrs Middleton told investigators she was making her way to the chamber and apologised to the provost for being tardy before asking Mrs Leslie Melville if she could wait a moment to allow her to get a drink of water from a nearby cooler.

In his findings, Mr Allan said Mrs Middleton alleged Mrs Leslie Melville slapped her on the behind twice and called her a “naughty girl”."

Apparently the English phrase "gee-up" in the context of this story is the equivalent of "giddy up" here in the states. It's something you say to make a horse go faster. So, in this context, it's something you say to provoke someone (i.e. encourage or incite).

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tonka_boy said...

I have to visit your office more often!

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