Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How To Train Your Dragon

Eryn and I finished How to Train Your Dragon (Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III) tonight. I was a little worried about the level of story because, although she can probably read the book herself, she's still a little girl and anything that's about Vikings and Dragons is bound to involve quite a bit of fighting and blood. And it did. Small dragons (my favorite is Horrorcow, who's a vegetarian). Big dragons. A nemesis much in the spirit of Harry Potter (like Falco, not Voldemort), which Jen is reading to Eryn at the moment. And lots of blustery, talk. But Eryn took it all in stride and enjoyed it, clearly concerned when there was a harrowing part. I think the best thing was that when we got to a few parts where Cressida Cowell used words like "gobsmackingly", Eryn recognized them as being very much like Roald Dahl's language. So she's starting to draw the conclusion that books have things in common other than individual words.

We both recommend it and, as it's part of a series, we'll probably move on to How To Be a Pirate next, which will be a nice segue to Not One Damsel in Distress, which Auntie Cookiequeen gave her a long time ago, because Jane Yolen has stories about female pirates.


Anonymous said...

I remember I thought I was safe taking a child to a movie, It seemed to be ok all the way up to the end. But, then the last few seconds of the movie was not good on the mental state of the child. He still remembers it to this day. His father was not impressed with the ending which they could have left out. It did not add anything to the movie. At least with a book you can read what is going to happen and if it does not fit the childs age it can be discussed about and skipped or changed a little bit.

Scooter said...

If that had been the only movie you took me too, maybe there wouldn't have been a problem. But you also took me to see Doug McClure's friends get eaten by dinosaurs - per #20 on my movie meme post.

Anonymous said...

The thing about being eaten by a dinosaurs it is fiction and you can hopefully explain that away. Because they are not real. But looking down through the ice with a dead person looking up at you is a bad mental event. That is to close to reality.