Saturday, March 01, 2008

Geocaching Rosemount

Yesterday seemed like it would have been a nicer day to go geocaching, but we didn't get a chance as I had poker in the evening. I think I lost my spot in the final tournament, but I put in a good faith effort and my big losses were on a big slick and pair of 10s on a small table. Eh. It helps to not be a particularly competitive sort.

So today, after gymnastics, Eryn, grandpa, grandma and myself when in search of a few caches to give grandma and grandpa a taste of what we're always up to. We hit a small park (Ericksen I believe) in Rosemount where grandpa found his very first cache, and grandma ended up with a lot of sticks in her hair.

I think the perspective is funny in this picture, because that's a peanut butter jar, and my hand looks like it could swallow it. The last visitor at the cache was Juggle87, who just happens to be a coworker of mine. So that was a fun find.

On our way to that last cache, we walked past this tree which I pointed out to my mother in law with the comment that it looked like a perfect place to hide a cache. So after we found the last one, and told the GPS to home in on #2, it led us right back to the tree...

...and a micro concealed in a branch. Once there are enough caches in the neighborhood, I'll just stop carrying a GPS with me at all and just examine stumps until I find caches.

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tonka_boy said...

Yeah, who needs a GPSr with you in the park? Just walk up to any old tree and stick your hand in. There's gotta be something in there...