Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fountain Duck

I was startled to find that the company store was selling rubber ducks. Not multiple kinds, just one kind, but one kind that does absolutely everything...including SPURTING. Eww... That's sort of disgusting - particularly given the graphic. But my mother collects rubber ducks, and if she wants a rubber duck that according to the packaging may have some sort of premature ejaculation problem well, she's old, I'll humor her. Unfortunately, my daughter is extremely jealous of my mother's duck collection and has been loudly pondering whether my mom might have some other duplicate ducks lying about. So I caved and bought two Spurting Fountain Ducks,one for each of them. It's a big hit, but I'd hate to try to relax in a tub full of the things.

Here it is in action..

1 comment:

She says said...

That's one freakin' creepy demonic duck you've got there. And that quacking is just so melodious.

Aren't you glad you bought two now?