Friday, February 08, 2008

Sweet Niblets!

My second favorite event today was when a young guy started to get on my elevator at work and didn't even look up, resulting in the elevator door slamming into him solidly enough to shove him into the wall. He looked like he was having a bad day, and I can't imagine getting run over by the elevator door at 2:30 p.m. on Friday contributed to his mood, although he looked more shocked than angry at first. He didn't look hurt (he was bigger than me), just crabby.

My favorite event today was following three guys on fourth floor after getting off the same elevator, one older than me, two considerably younger. I listened to the old guy try to engage them with questions about Hannah Montana. This would have been funny all by itself, and I expected them to sort of egg him on, regaling him with how hot she was, etc. But instead they solemnly commented about how she was actually Miley Cyrus, getting it mostly right - it came out more like Millie Serious - and that she had some great songs. Followed by the quoting of lyrics. I had to duck down a side hallway so I was out of sight when I snickered. Are you, dear world, telling me that there are now people I work with who are of the demographic that is targeted by Miley Cyrus? Is this how Mean Mr. Mustard would feel if I were talking about the popularity of Joan Jett and The Thomson Twins in my youth? I fear the day my boss reminisces about how he not only went to the Hannah Montana movie event, but his mom scored him live tickets on eBay, and he hooked up. Sweet Niblets!

Added bonus, MNSpeak links to a slightly NSFW song about our first president.

Linux Bonus, Yehuda links to the Top 25 Linux games of 2008 on WHDb.

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