Saturday, February 16, 2008


This is wrong. I knew it at every step of the process. As soon as I thought of it after the LOLBoss. As soon as I thought of it again a few minutes later. And considered it again immediately after that. Everytime Mean Mr. Mustard mentioned how cool his employer's brand new Collaboration Room is with its Wii, big screen televisions, relaxing booths, free pop, refrigerator, and bean-grinding coffee machine, even though his access is circumscribed. I thought it was wrong when I pulled up the picture. When I cropped it. When I resized it. When I added the words and pondered what color to use on the text. When it was finished, I thought, this is wrong - a total misuse of all those porta-potty pictures I've been taking at St. Paul Bike Classics for years that everyone assumed would come back to haunt them. And then the loop was complete. There's an expectation that those pictures would come back to haunt my friends. I'm just fulfilling a prophecy, or some sort of manifest destiny. I can comfort myself with that.

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