Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Gunseller

Mean Mr. Mustard, by way of his corporate leadership, put me on to The Gunslinger by Hugh Laurie. Yes, that Hugh Laurie, the one in Fry and Laurie, or Blackadder, or House. The one that J-Money lusts after. Gotta admit, a darn good book. I hate spy novels in general, as a genre, though I used to read quite a bit of dusty James Bond sitting in the back of a 9/10 empty wheat truck in Montana when I was a gangly, rock-picking teen. But I blew through The Gunseller in a few days. It's got an exceptional mix of spy novel, cleverness (not always in spy novels), and humor. Although I swear I heard Klund's voice popping up here and there. Probably just proof that he should also write a snarky spy novel.

I'd like to quote Hugh Laurie's opinion of my great state, when his main character goes under cover as "Ricky, the terrorist from Minnesota" who Laurie describes as, "But not being all that bright -- being two balls short of a pig-fuck, or whatever they say in Minnesota..." Ah...I think you have us confused with Iowa...sort of like we confuse the Brits and the Welsh.

Note that I refrained from saying the Irish, but only because your euphemism was pig and not cheese related.

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J-Money said...

I'm sure you'd be surprised to learn that I really dug that book too. I would've liked it if my favorite Crave Object didn't pen it, so that says lots.

Very witty, very fun book, even if he got his pork orgies mixed up...