Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad Girl

I was on the elevator today, traveling down to first floor with my lunch so I could do a bit of email between meetings, and four women got on the elevator with me, headed to the lower level. The prettiest of them announced that their meeting on the lower level over lunch was her fault, and she was very sorry.

One of them looked thoughtful, and then replied, "You're a bad girl."

Another nodded her head in agreement and added, "A bad girl."

The third chimed in with, "You are a bad girl."

What followed, until I got off on first floor, was a combination of two, or three, of them at any one time muttering, "A bad girl." "A very bad girl."

I understand I made a serious mistake getting off the elevator as I can only assume (all right, all right...maybe imagine is a better word) playful girl-on-girl spanking and dirty cubicle games are going on somewhere in the nether regions of my building. It's a good thing Tall Brad moved upstairs. He's married now, and shouldn't be exposed to that sort of thing.


Sank said...

Holy cow, I need a new office. My company has no Lesbian Spank Inferno going (that I know off) but we do have a lactation room. I'm not sure who uses it though.

PTW said...

They call it that so no one not in the Lesbian Spank Inferno Club would even consider going in there.

Anonymous said...

Where is their cubes / offices and where we they going in the DLL?
Tech Procurement

Anonymous said...

Why would they keep calling you a "bad girl"? You cross-dressed on that day?

Mac Noland said...

This is only somewhat related, but did you ever hear about the guy they have on video who is having sex with the ground out by the bunker? While I can't confirm it's validity, a trusted contemporary of mine says security still has the tap. I'm guessing he was in a similar elevator before he lost control.

Scooter said...

Why is that not on YouTube, Mac? That sounds hilarious. I wonder how you end up fetishizing a bunker.