Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vacation a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I noted that it's our plan to head to D.C. in the car and haul my bike along. I leave it to She Says to let me know whether there are some dates that are best for enjoying the big city - parades, flower festivals, that sort of thing. But this morning Eryn and I had an idea. We're going to add Hershey, PA to the trip and visit a chocolate factory. Ever since Klund never told us about his supporting role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we've been preparing for the possibility he might invite us to come down to St. Peter and watch his play. We've read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We've started on the Great Glass Elevator, for context. Talked about the original movie. And watched the Depp version. Now, thanks to Klund, we're going to add a trip to a real chocolate factory on our vacation, sans the mountain of fudge and cotton candy sheep.

As it's shaping up, I think our itenery will be something like the following - which might just put us in the nine-day range we're aiming for, perhaps more if we take the trip out and back a little slower than we intended. But then I picked up an extra week of vacation this year, so who cares how long it takes:
  • Visit my aunt in Indianapolis (if she's home)
  • While in her neighborhood, stop at Turkey Run Inn Park, which I remember from my time visiting her as being beautiful and next to an artist village, second in interest only to the coeds of Bloomington, who had killer accents
  • Stop in Cumberland, MD, drop me off on my bike, and spend two days pedaling through Maryland and West Virginia into D.C. while Pooteewheet and Eryn drive sag
  • D.C. for a day or more, mostly checking out things Eryn might enjoy and remember that aren't zoos
  • Hershey, PA and the Hershey Factory on the way home
I'm sure there are other things to catch on the way out and back that I haven't considered yet, particularly if we're driving.


klund said...

To let you know, Michelle was planning on inviting you. For some reason she didn't want to leave that up to me.

She says said...

DC is gorgeous in the spring and fall. Summer is miserably humid. April is cherry blossom season here, but of course, everything is a bit more expensive then. September is better if you don't have to worry about school... which I guess you do. June is usually nice. The bottom line is that you should schedule your trip for whenever makes sense for you.

There are tons of things to do in this area. Lots of historic places to visit in and around DC, as well as between Cumberland and DC. Harper's Ferry, Mt. Vernon, and of course everything in DC (the museums, the zoo, the Capitol, the monuments...). Let me know what the Scooter family's interests are, and I'm happy to help you figure out stuff to do.

PTW said...

Very cool - thank you!