Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Books 2007

In the beginning of 2007 I was reading enough to break any record I had for most reading in a year, but I think the amount of raw documentation I read for work just shut down any hopes of even getting as much read as last year. The total stood at 14,219 pages. 60 books with an average of about 237 pages and an average rating of 7.49, my lowest average rating since 2001. 172,480 pages since I started keeping track in early 1994 (493 books). I added a bunch of graphic novels this year, which might seem like cheating, given all the images and relatively less text, but it took me just as long to read one as a normal novel, so they've been included. I strongly recommend The Sandman and The Watchmen - they were wonderful. Most hated this year: Dracula Unbound, Humble Pie and The Art of Mingling. Best reads: War With the Newts, The Book of Lost Things, The Genocides, and anything by Spolsky.

12/24/2007Best Software Writing I, TheSpolsky, Joel10.00
12/20/2007BiohazardAlibek, Ken (with Stephen Handelman)6.75
12/16/2007We the People: A Call to Take Back AmericaHartmann, Thom7.00
12/14/2007Watchmen, TheMoore, Alan and Dave Gibbons9.00
12/2/2007Dark Knight Returns, TheMiller, Frank8.00
11/14/2007Joel on SoftwareSpolsky, Joel9.50
11/3/2007No Fluff, Just Stuff 2006 AnthologyFord, Neal (ed.)7.50
10/27/2007RadixAttanasio, A. A.8.00
10/4/2007More than HumanSturgeon, Theodore8.00
9/25/2007Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely StripperCody, Diablo8.00
9/5/2007Dracula UnboundAldiss, Brian W.2.00
8/25/2007SFWA European Hall of Fame, TheMorrow, James and Kathryn Morrow, Editors8.00
8/11/2007Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (7)Rowling, J.K.7.50
7/30/2007Jingo (Discworld XXI)Pratchett, Terry7.50
7/15/2007Armed MadhousePalast, Greg8.50
7/7/2007Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital DisorderWeinberger, David7.50
7/1/2007Sheep Look Up, TheBrunner, John8.00
6/15/2007Nebula Awards Showcase 2007: The Year's Best SF and FantasyResnick, Mike (editor)5.00
6/1/2007Genocides, TheDisch, Thomas M.9.50
5/13/2007Beyond ArmageddonMiller, Jr., Walter M. and Martin H. Greenberg (editors)7.00
5/8/2007Level 7Roshwald, Mordecai8.50
5/5/2007Sandman, The: Endless Nights (Collection 11)Gaiman, Neil5.00
5/4/2007Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love StoryMoore, Christopher7.00
4/26/2007Divided KingdomThomson, Rupert7.75
4/23/2007Information Architecture for the World Wide Web - third editionMorville, Peter & Louis Rosenfeld8.50
4/18/2007Collector Collector, TheFischer, Tibor9.00
4/17/2007Sandman: Wake, The (Collection 10)Gaiman, Neil8.00
4/15/2007Sandman: Kindly One, The (Collection 9)Gaiman, Neil8.00
4/10/2007Last Integrationist, TheLamar, Jake8.00
4/4/2007Readings on Aldous Huxley Brave New World (Literary Companion Series)de Koster, Katie6.75
4/3/2007FrayWhedon, Joss8.50
3/30/2007ScorchNauman, A.D.8.00
3/28/2007Sandman: Worlds' End (Collection 8)Gaiman, Neil8.00
3/25/2007Sandman: Brief Lives (Collection 7)Gaiman, Neil7.00
3/24/2007You Suck: A Love StoryMoore, Christopher7.00
3/21/2007ImprintBates, Paul L.6.00
3/18/2007Hogfather (Discworld XX)Pratchett, Terry7.00
3/17/2007Sandman: Fables & Reflections (Collection 6)Gaiman, Neil7.75
3/12/2007Ambient FindabilityMorville, Peter8.75
3/9/2007Sandman, The: A Game of You (Collection 5)Gaiman, Neil7.75
3/7/2007Art of Mingling, TheMartinet, Jeanne2.00
3/4/2007Humble Pie: Musings on What Lies Beneath the CrustDimock, Anne4.00
2/26/2007Holy Land, TheZubrin, Robert7.75
2/24/2007Sandman, The: Season of Mists (Collection 4)Gaiman, Neil8.00
2/23/2007War With the NewtsCapek, Karel10.00
2/20/20071491: New Revelations of the Americas Before ColumbusMann, Charles C.9.25
2/20/2007Eliminationism in America (10 Part Series on Orcinus web site)Neiwert, Dave7.00
2/18/2007Old TwentiethHaldeman, Joe7.00
2/16/2007Feet of Clay (Discworld XIX)Pratchett, Terry8.00
2/13/2007Sandman, The: Dream Country (Collection 3)Gaiman, Neil8.00
2/12/2007Sandman, The: The Doll's House (Collection 2)Gaiman, Neil8.00
2/8/2007Maskerade (Discworld XVIII)Pratchett, Terry7.50
2/6/2007Roadside Picnic and Tale of the TroikaSturgatsky, Arkady and Boris7.75
2/3/2007300Miller, Frank and Lynn Varley7.00
1/30/2007World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie WarBrooks, Max3.00
1/25/2007Book of Lost Things, TheConnolly, John9.75
1/17/2007Sandman, The: Preludes and Nocturnes (Collection 1)Gaiman, Neil8.00
1/15/2007Interesting Times (Discworld XVII)Pratchett, Terry8.00
1/10/2007Witness to BarbarismHansen, Horace R.7.00
1/5/2007Pushing IceReynolds, Alastair8.00

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