Thursday, December 06, 2007

Work Quote - Work Observations

As I trailed behind two guys on the way out of the building today: "I really want to take a sick day next week."

I also heard a PM refer to people as "color-challenged". Is this better than color blind? I'd rather be color blind. I can't help it if I'm color blind (for the record, I'm not personally color blind). Being blind is an affliction. Color-challenged sounds like I'm too stupid to understand that green isn't red. Wikipedia seems to agree with me as it refers to color blindness and "color vision deficiency". I'd still prefer color blind to being deficient, as that sounds like I'm lacking something. Deficient isn't even accurate as there can be advantages to color blindness like being able to see through camouflage (read the article!) or speedier adaptation to darkness. Both very useful when confronted with some lunatic like in Silence of the Lambs.

To whomever it is who leaves food in the bathroom sink at work. You're a fuckwit. There is no reason I should have to look at and smell your nasty discarded constantly rehydrated button mushrooms when I'm washing my hands. And I shouldn't have to worry about the sink backing up because there's no where for the water to go. If you by chance happen to come to my blog, here's the process you should learn to follow - this advice is free, I won't even expect the 1/4% on the profit the company makes from not having to clean up after you:
1.) eat your lunch - all of it, don't leave chunks sitting in the bottom of your dish
2.) put the plastic lid back on top of your tupperware and take it home to wash
3.) in the event that your partner gets pissed at you for bringing home dirty dishes because they have a obsessive mental problem of some sort and can only deal with dishes dirtied at the location of food consumption, because that's your only excuse, proceed to #4
4.) take one of the many paper towels we are provided for free, and WIPE OUT THE INSIDE OF YOUR DISH, REMOVING ALL BITS AND CHUNKS TOO BIG TO WASH AWAY!
5.) dispose of the towel (it's fine to use more than one) in the trash
6.) now wash out your dish
7.) if any pieces are left behind in the sink, REMOVE THEM AND DISPOSE OF THEM IN THE TRASH

Let's finish with something that puts me in a happier place. When faced with a PM painfully walking a whole group line by line through a project plan, does anyone else look at all the summary lines on the Gantt chart, with the little downward pinnacles on each end, and think, "That looks like an upside down house or city in Settlers of Catan?" I can find a quietude just wishing at some point the PM would level a look at me and announce, "That's grain, sheep and wood for you!"

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