Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oof - Diarrhea of the Fingers

Yeah...that was three days without blogging, and then a massive pile (metaphorically) of text, and it didn't even include the story I scribbled front to back, the story I had typed and heavily edited, the three pages of top to bottom notes I wrote for a third, the notes I took for a blog post on Spolsky's best writing on programming, or the documentation I've been generating at work for undocumented features. You can blame it on writing fiction during lunch. I've been trying to fill up the notebook I started a year ago by expanding out a few of the three-dozen fiction stories I wrote short notes for, and it's got me on a binge and purge mentality as far as producing text.

I ordered new wireless headphones for bike trainer purposes, after my old ones gave up the batteries again and don't seem to have available replacement batteries (hence the short life on the last ones, despite the $36 - they had probably been on the warehouse shelf for four years) - so maybe after those show up, I'll exercise more and bibble less. Hope is free, folks.

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