Thursday, December 13, 2007

Media Fun, A Postpourri II

Blog of Jeffro has a video of roller tricks. This is not anywhere nearly as easy as it seems. I had rollers, I used to run into walls. I never did get the hang of it and blamed it on my leg that's 1 cm shorter than the other - the balance in my pedal stroke is for s*it, and I can feel it on almost 500-mile long rides. So I gave them to my friend Mike who loves them - he's said everything about them short of his favorite phrase, "cool beans".

But a one-legged roller video isn't nearly as impressive as playing guitar hero while rolling.

These, however, are not my favorite videos of the day. I owe a big thank you to Fimoculous for making 15 minutes of my evening truly enjoyable by providing The 10 Most Ridiculous Things About the Beyonce Experience:

and then the commentary on Hating on Haters of Haters by ShutupIHateMyself, the creator of The 10 Most Ridiculous Things About the Beyonce Experience:

And finally an MP3 from Taylor for Rodrigo and Gabriela, some very enjoyable acoustic music from Mexico.

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Mac Noland said...

Watching those bikers pedal in place reminds me of the time my dad hooked his bike "thing" up to the furnace. The electricity was out for 10 days due to the 1991 ice storm, but the gas was on. So he'd turn on the gas, then ride his bike to turn the furnace fan. In about 30 minutes the house would be warm. He actually made Good Morning America.