Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It seems strange that shortly after posting about penis panic and vagina dentata, that a whole movie comes out built upon the premise (of the second thing, not the first). I wonder if it's based on the Bruce Boston story. I post the trailer, although I sincerely doubt I'll ever see the movie.

In the vein of strange video, Taylor had this little gem on his site. DungeonMajesty presenting "Willow Don't Cry". "e celebrate the journey of Willow, a small farmer/apprentice magician and together they journey through a war-torn land of magic and monsters, to save a baby princess from death at the hands of an evil queen." This looks nothing like the movie Willow. Don't watch it right before bedtime as I'm not sure what sort of lucid dreaming it will inspire.

Caribou Coffee sent me an advertisement for their Limited Edition Roastmaster's Reserve, "Grown high above sea level in the mountains of Rwanda" with "scheduled roastings". Methinks they try too hard. When they reach the point where coffee and scotch have equal status and equal price points, I'm going to give up coffee and just buy scotch. I know I can't drink it at work, but I think I can drown my sorrows in the evening with a fully stocked bar.

When I gave up history as my future profession, I gave up events like this, 'Dear Friends, Enclosed you will find the flyer for Luis Morera's November 30th talk, "The Royal Entries of Trastamaran Spain, c. 1369-1516: Preliminary Comparisons with other Parts of Europe." We hope to see you there.' There are many days in my career when this seems like it would have been a preferrable option to anything I've done in my programming/post-programming career. The fact that it sounds exciting no doubt says something about my personality.

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Anonymous said...

Coffee and scotch will never be of equal status. Coffee is a matter of life and death!! *grin*