Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

My favorite part of Halloween involved Dan'l in this scary cat-in-the-hatesque mask he's wearing in the rather creepy picture below. Best Part #1: while two girls were trick or treating at a house, their mother was waiting in the idling SUV in the road. Dan snuck up on the side of the car and popped his head into the open window. At which point the whole vehicle lurched forward about 10 feet. He's probably lucky to still have his head. He should have been maced. Best Part #2: when Dan'l growled at a kid in a football costume across the street. The kid slowly curled up, sort of descended/rolled into a fetal position on the ground, and wouldn't utter a word. Dan'l had to verify the kid wasn't in a state of shock.

Here he is freaking out the kids. Conner is a scary spider. Eryn is a green kitty. She had to field a few questions about whether she was a kangaroo.

Pooteewheet's scary pumpkins. They were carved the day before Halloween, and one of them was already rotting. Grandpa Larry touched it and got nasty rotten pumpkin all over his finger.

Green kitty closeup, with tail and whiskers. Eryn loved the costume. She put it on for the school Halloween party around 2:00-2:30, and didn't take it off until bedtime. I participated in the school Halloween party. I was in charge of pin the stem on the pumpkin. Not too many kids want to play a game that involves a really big scary guy with a blindfold. I tried to smile a lot!

Conner the spider. His arms are attached, so they all move together.

Dan'l hauled over a blow up spider and pumpkin to complement our decorations.

Doh! Tail wedgie during the Halloween walk!

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LissyJo said...

Ahh, no explanation on why the kitty is green? Does this not strike anyone else as....odd?

Yeah, dan is pretty lucky to not have been ran over or maced. Pretty funny, though.

Anonymous said...

That is because Eryn told grandma Ellen she wanted to be a green kitty for halloween! And grandma produced a green costume! Only Eryn and grandma knows why. Maybe it takes after Bob the Bear?

PTW said...

It's green because green is Eryn's favorite color. Gaaaaawd!

Anonymous said...

your extremely wierd and have no life