Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Chris Sells, You Are Owed Royalties for Modeling

My mother took this picture while she was in Denmark because, "it reminded me of Chris Sells". This Chris Sells, the Microsoft employee who writes about ATL, .NET and Windows Forms (among other things). I was pretty sure she was thinking about the picture of him in a magazine interview where he's naked except for the computer covering his manbits. You can see a stylization of it as the logo in the upper left corner of his site, or as the icon on your tab if you're using a tabbed browser. It's like when the Japanese stole Homer's image for one of their products. Now the Danes have done the same to Chris. Makes you wonder if you'd see Rocky Lhotka on a box of CSLAerios brand cereal if you wandered around that country long enough.

(Chris and I were in high school together, and bits of college, and are Eagle Scouts from the same troop, and were camp counselors at the same camp, and once picked up lake weeds with our toes for a shared summer job).


Anonymous said...

nice : )

Scooter said...

I was in the very act of sending that post to Ben Youngs to view when you posted your comment. I thought you'd find it fairly quickly, so I didn't send you an email.