Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bits n' Pieces - SOA, the Musical, etc.

My nephews just left. The place looks like a tornado hit. It's not all them - Eryn was involved. I think once enough of your kith and kin have kids, your life revolves around picking up, and then having those picked up items spread all over, plus items you didn't realize were naturally spreadable, like couch cushions, piles of change, and random pets. I'm hoping one of them managed to mash the squirrel in the attic or the mouse in the basement.

Speaking of Eryn, she noticed a Great Clips (the hair place) advertisement I had on the front seat of the car. It had a multicultural header, with hair stylists of many colors. She asked, "Is LissyJo in there?" Which might bother LissyJo. But when I pointed out it was an advertisement for a "barber", Eryn looked crestfallen and responded with, "Oh...that's not LissyJo. LissyJo is a nurse practitioner."

And the little girl was a trooper for her flu shot, according to Pooteewheet. I'd have taken her testimony with a grain of salt, if it weren't for Eryn asking me to go geocaching, and then noting as she limped back that she'd had her shot in the leg earlier. I said, "it's a good thing we didn't get lost in the woods, we'd have to call Mom," to which she replied, "Mom's not home, Dad." And she wasn't! She was out with her friend. So Eryn braved geocaching with a semi-numb leg and no safety net. Way better than climbing the walls like she did last year when she got a shot.

On to Ming's favorite topic...breasts. That is your favorite topic right? It's not just nipples, it extends to the entire aureolear region? Well, I was sitting in a meeting during the last few days, and a very attractive coworker in a black turtleneck started to feel like she'd been in the meeting too long. So she stretched. Back arched, breasts thrust forward. Then, making sure all those muscles were efficiently stretched, she pushed her arms forward, squashing her breasts together in a sort of reverse stretching. I ask my female doing both optimal? Do you really need to stretch, and then reverse stretch? Or is this just showing off? Where do you expect your (straight male) coworker's eyes to be when they're talking to you and you're finishing up your sinuous moves? I felt like the Boy Scout in Lair of the White Worm.

The Google algorithm is broken. If I'm in Minnesota and searching for "breakfast hot dish", I do not want to see this as the #1 hit. I truly expect to find a casserole recipe I can take to work. I cannot tell my coworkers about the strange sex life of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. : News : CMT Hot Dish : Garth Gives Trisha Breakfast in Bed
"What do you want for your birthday?" Garth Brooks asked into the phone. Without a moment's hesitation, his beautiful Georgia-born wife, Trisha Yearwood, ... - 47k

I already sent this to two friends today, which may be half my readers, but I'm posting it again here, because there just aren't that many places you can hear people trying to rap about a service oriented architecture. The Media Development Authority in Singapore gives it a valiant try.

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