Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vacation Videoblogging

The end of the vacation posts, I promise. But Eryn's grandparents really need the videos, and LissyJo needs a new singing video for my niece to sing along during her obstipation. Grandpa Grumpa Little Dumpa should fit the bill nicely.

Eryn and Pooteewheet climbing at Garden of the Gods:

Eryn in a rock sandwich at Garden of the Gods:

Throwing sand at White Sands:

Sledding at White Sands:

Singing the Hokey Pokey:

Good advice to Grandpa:

Grandpa Gumpa Little Dumpa:

1 comment:

LissyJo said...

That video of PTW and eryn scaling the mountain looks like you are really high up. Like, dangerously high up. Freaky.

Grandpa Gumpa Little Dumpa does not look amused at eryn's taunting. He actually looks a little annoyed. This, of course, solidifies the new nickname!