Sunday, October 28, 2007

Two Ways My Brother is Not Like Me

Based on my experience cleaning out some extraneous crap at the rental property management shed over the last two days - sort of an added bonus to steam vacc-ing the previously flooded basement - I have verified two very important differences between my brother and me:

1.) As previously noted to and confirmed by other family members, he has a feathered hair fetish. I think this might be related to his early infatuation with someone from my class who went on to be a Japanese veterinarian.

2.) He is willing to date women who wear overalls. Hard to believe we have the same genes. That's a deal-breaker for me. I don't care if it does sound shallow in a Seinfeldian sort of way, it is.

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Anonymous said...

No feather hair or overall fetish - just found them to be an easy date - you must ask yourself - did either of them last more than a few dates at most - uh..NO. And the Japanese person bailed out of vet school - and became a flight attendant. Mostly the behavior stems from a need to be noticed by my older brother who didn't love me enough as a child.