Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rod Plant

An aside on the whole vacation thing. While I was traveling, I took the time to pick up a number of postcards and mail them to Kyle at work. Not because I thought he might enjoy looking at all the pretty pictures, but because it was an opportunity to send him cards with a gay subtext from his friend Rod. My hope was that because they were postcards and fully open to examination, the admin at his office or his local postperson might read them first, noting that despite Kyle having been married, he had still found time to attend and be part of the audience participation for Puppetry of the Penis, had carnal relations with a really old guy in Paris, once engaged in a Mexican meal with 8 cabana boys, reminded Rod of large cacti and cave formations, and decorated his basement as some sort of queer eye styled orgy room. That wasn't the full extent of it, just a few of the highlights, but you get the postcard. While traveling to Tonto National Monument near Globe, Arizona, (where Linda Carter when to high school) we drove past a copper mine and saw a building labeled as the Rod Plant. That's how Rod got his full name.

But the best part is that I pulled the original address for Kyle's workplace off USWestDex, only later finding the real address at his company's website. So several of the early postcards went to the wrong address where his company had previously resided, now occupied by an office for the Catholic Church. It's almost enough to make me believe in divine intervention. They must be absolutely horrified.

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Anonymous said...

Did the town have a giant statue of Wonder Woman? If they did, I certainly hope you took a photo for me!

Did the copper plant have tons of security around it? What with all the metal theft going on - seems like they might have a little trouble. Someone stole the catalytic converter from our neighbor's truck while it was sitting in his driveway.....