Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Professor Fumbledore

There was some discussion the other day, off line, and not involving me, about what a nut job I was to make the giant Valentine's Day card for a girl I wasn't even dating. In my defense, I'd like to point out that despite my nutjobbery, I still post my embarrassments on line, even the retroactive ones no one knows about.

I can't say as much for my friends, because who knew one of them played Uncle Hobart in Romana Quimby? It wasn't on either the photo blog or the text blog. Maybe Mean Mr. Mustard knew, but not me, and he certainly wasn't sharing. And more importantly, why are there no pictures of this friend in his emmy-nominated supporting actor role dressed up as Professor Fumbledore of the Pigpimple School of Magick in Barry Wotter: Son of a Witch?

That sort of oversight obviously needs rectification. My favorite part of the description of Barry Wotter, "His nine-year-old son, Koleman, not pictured here, also appeared in the play." You displaced your own nine-year old in the publicity stills! Harsh.


klund said...

You bastard!

How the hell did you find that? I never knew that pictures of me as Fumblemore even existed. Now, in my defense:

1. You claim that you post your embarrassments online. By your standards, I still have twenty more years to post embarrassing pictures of myself. How did you know that I wasn't just about to post something?

2. You know that I wouldn't post anything of substance on my text blog, so that's out of the question.

3. I found where that picture was posted, and I think it is obvious that if Koleman attends the Gustavus Math/Computer Science department at some point, the issue will be rectified.

You bastard.

Anyway, check my photo blog for my attempt to appease you.

Anonymous said...

The real question is whether or not Professor Fumbledore will make an appearance at Chili Fest?

Scooter said...

Chalk and cheese. I didn't have the ability to post my dirty laundry within a reasonable time when I first created it. The internet didn't exist. I would have had to convert the images into ASCII and send them to people on 5.25" disks.

klund said...

It's not my fault that you were born in the Stone Ages.