Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Little Pony - Pinky Pie

Eryn and I went to My Little Pony: The World's Biggest Tea Party at the Target Center today. She's not exactly one of those girly-girl types, but when she some money for her birthday, she bailed on the Cars board game she was going to buy to get a My Little Pony with walker instead. So it's obviously important to her. Thus, when the tickets were on sale at work, I picked up two. Two...not three. I felt this was one of those experiences that was best experienced by a single parent. That, and I've been coaching her to tell any hot mommy with a foreign accent that "real mommy" died of cancer and I just haven't found it in my heart to take off my ring. It's probably just a matter of finding the right person.

An aside. To the woman who was gripping her steering wheel so tightly with her mouth hanging open that we passed as we drove to the tea party. I realize it's probably medical, but you looked like you were going 200 miles an hour when you were only going 40, and like it was scaring the crap out of you. That was cool. And to the Bolivian-looking hottie in the red Audi - we missed you at the Tea Party. Per above, Eryn was prepared to talk to you.

So what does the world's biggest tea party look like? Like this. But with singing. Much of it, "I'm a little tea pot." Pretty harmless, although I won't subject you to any video. Unless you're my sister, in which case Eryn sent A' a few videos to watch so she's jazzed to go with us next time there's a similar event, which would save you the trouble of reminding my wife she's supposed to be babysitting. For those of you who aren't familiar with My Little Pony, we have Pinky Pie (Eryn believes this is the My Little Pony she has, although it's in pajamas), Rarity the Unicorn who lives in the land of Unicornia, so how freaking rare can they be, Minty, who's easily confused and green, like someone who's had a few grasshoppers, and French Fry, the pegasus. As for the rest. I have no clue, although there's also a dragon named Spike and three Andrews Sisters' like ladybugs.

An enhanced picture to show one of the other dads who sat near me. His wife left with his two daughters, leaving him behind to fend for himself. What's a fellow to do when there's no one else around and he has a light up wand and a Pinky Pie doll? Pretend like it's casting magic spells, of course. Don't think he didn't light that baby up - he did.

The ponys don't take kindly to interlopers. This bear was jonesin' for a bit of kidtention and they took him out...Russian Mafia style. He never saw it coming. A horn in the back from Rarity who was dropped paratrooper-wise by French Fry. Scared the s*it out of me.

Eryn and her pony having some popcorn. I'd like to add that she was a great kid, and expressed an interest in a wand/ball/balloon, but when I pointed out that not spending that money meant we could do popcorn and a soda, or a nicer Christmas present, or rides at the MOA, she was very accepting. Like the miser I am, I stress that everything costs money, and that we don't have a problem spending it, but that there absolutely are trade offs, and she seems to be getting the general lesson. That'll probably backfire on me later in life when she tells me that stripping is her way to afford that light-up wand she always wanted - shudder.

Couple more pictures out at my Flickr 2007 set for anyone interested (Grandpas and Grandmas) including Eryn in the skyway and on the escalator.


boringsahm said...

Bright coloured pony show? Hmm, Bioncles seem so much more interesting now.

PTW said...

Not sorry I missed the show, but I am sorry I missed Eryn at the show.

LissyJo said...

Are you getting flashbacks of playing 'My Little Pony' with me when i was eryn's age? does one person operate the pony puppet? Walking on all 4s?

Scooter said...

Actually, I was, LissyJo. I hadn't remembered I'd played with you and your My Little Pony until I was sitting in the audience watching them on the stage.

Anonymous said...

We were going to take our little ones to this show, but we missed it. They are avid My Little Pony supporters and I'm sure they would have loved it. Just thought we'd share some of our MLP knowledge with you. Eryn's companion isn't actually pinkie pie in pajamas, it is Walking Sweet Steps (my oldest absolutely adores her).

You should look into a MLP bike, that would make a great christmas present and make up for you skipping on the wand and Happy Holiday!