Monday, September 17, 2007

Decorate A Duck

A post primariy for my mother, who has some sort of rubber duck fetish. A blurry rubber duck fetish, if you go by all the pictures she took and left on my computer. Don't believe me? Here - I have taxed the intent of the internet, uploading 258 blurry duck pictures - 122 megs - to Flickr. They said I could have unlimited space, so I'm testing my limits. Hit refresh a few times if you want to see a limited selection of ducks. is having a duck decorating contest. You buy a Susan Komen duck (.20 goes to the Komen Foundation), you decorate it (here's an example - the angel duck), take a photo (non-fuzzy, Mom), and submit it before October 31, 2007. Prizes include a year of housekeeping, time at the spa, and Munchkin gift baskets.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME. :] I love those duckies too! Sorry if you get a few replies, .. Blogger is being silly.