Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Child Rearing

These things may constitute inappropriate child rearing. I hope they help you in raising your own child:

1.) do not scare her while she's brushing her teeth, you'll get a lecture when she spits toothpaste all over her arm.

2.) do not, after she watches Hercules and gets spooked by Hercules diving into Death's river and turning old and almost dying, roll your lips over your teeth like an old man and ask for a kiss.

3.) do not let your friends trick her into believing that when she's forgotten to brush her teeth, that she might not be allowed into the State Fair. She'll hide her mouth and turn her head away from the ticket takers before proclaiming she knew it was all made up.

On the other hand, her first day of five-day-a-week school where they teach math, science and Spanish seemed to go very well.


PrincessMax said...

How cool that her school is called Tesseract. You get many "good parent" points for that one.

Anonymous said...

What about telling a sibling that if you take off Ben's hat his brains would fall out or blow up or something like that.