Saturday, September 01, 2007

Battle of the Computer Room

Faced with a field of battle designed in all ways to work against me, I took my fight to the plain nonetheless - scrounging, scraping, tossing, fighting a Sherman-esque campaign of slash and burn meant to ensure that the enemy could not regroup behind me. I disposed of two broken computer desks (sort of - they're in little pieces destined for the dump), two computers (sort of - they're bundled up, one for my parents' cabin, one for whomever I can donate it to, if they'll take a Centrino with Windows 98), a bag of trash packed to overflowing that I could barely lift plus a full box and another box-sized pile of junk, and I'm pondering how to adequately dispose of all the retro video games that were in here and need a home, not to mention the extensive collection of cables and cords. If I find the time, I'll top it all off by finding a flat screen for my desk so I can move the big screen to my parents' cabin and donate the other screen with the Win98 machine. By then, hopefully I'll have disposed of over 400# of junk and left myself with a computer room that could, theoretically, host a futon. I'm not saying I'm a futon kind of guy, but I'd like the option to be that kind of guy, or maybe the kind of guy with a large t.v. on the wall if I ever come into a figurative "shitpot" of money. I'm not saying I'm done. I've got a broken guitar, a recliner that doesn't really belong in here, an ironing board, a picture frame, and a variety of misplaced junk - but I'm one day closer to ideal.

If only there weren't half a dozen other rooms, not including the garage, that aren't in need of the exact same attention to detail. Which reminds me: need baby stuff? board games? old video games? computers? I may be the go-to guy. I should have a garage sale - but I'm likely to donate it all, so if you're interested in anything in particular, I might be willing to trade it for beer.

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Anonymous said...

I'm doing a garage sale with some coworkers in about 2 weeks - we can include some of your stuff if you want....