Thursday, August 02, 2007

Flak Radio Podcast Guest

Last night, not too long after the Minneapolis bridge came falling down, I was on my way down 35W to be the guest on a local podcast. I dropped off not too far from Lake, which was far from the tragedy, but it was surreal seeing cars just driving along normally knowing that downtown the whole interstate dropped into the river, some of it on top of cars containing fellow Minnesotans. I expected a traffic jam, or no traffic at all. Not business as usual. My deepest condolences go out to those who were on the bridge and those who lost loved ones.

The podcast I was on was Jim's and Taylor's Flak Radio, recorded in a cat-free room in south Minneapolis. I was their guest as official winner of the "name the nasal sex spray" contest they held a few weeks ago. Specifically, I won a bottle of Reyka Vodka, pictured below in a nice bow they applied, and positioned in front of the only gold picture frame in my house, peripherally, I got to be guest on my first podcast and partake of a very good vodka tonic with lime and a delicious lemon bar. You can listen to the whole podcast at Flak Magazine and appreciate how Jim and Taylor seem to make me not sound as nervous as I felt while I was sitting there with the headphones on trying to remember that the appropriate proximity to the microphone was to be frenching it - for sound purposes. They comforted me by insisting they wash the microphone between guests - but we all know someone who lies about washing their hands in the bathroom, so who's to say.

I hope I wasn't too quiet or flustered, although when Jim asks me about what the kids are doing, I'm at a loss - after all, the "kids" in my life are 4, not 24. When I picture what they're up to (24 year olds, not 4 year olds), I imagine them all dressing up for the night and wandering around Uptown trying to score a few free drinks. Being so much older, I take advantage of not dressing up (because I'm not trying to attract anyone), sitting down at a restaurant in Uptown so I don't have to be on my feet, and buying my own drinks because they pay white collar ex-developers enough to drink the memory of our cube-confined days away.

Very good vodka, filtered through lava rocks as it is - you can even see a slight gray tint to the liquid from the filtering. If you know me and you're over, remind me to get it down and share a glass. And a big thanks to Jim (and family) and Taylor for having me on the show.


LissyJo said...

Nice. Who knew you were so good at naming such a brand of nasal spray. Had john listened to it? You're going to make him cry.

Anonymous said...

You sounded good and looked great on radio.

boringsahm said...

I listened to the podcast too and you didn't sound nervous at all! Way to go on your sex spray, hope you just named it and don't need it to much!