Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The Scooter household machine was down for the last 24 hours while I determined the best way to eliminate an outbreak of Vundo. Norton Antivirus - didn't work so well. VundoFix - worked much better. Of course, once you have some sort of infection on your machine, there's always the mandatory, update all virus definitions, and then check and update the other machine, until you're sick of the things scanning 650,000 files each (iTunes and photos take forever).

I lose my pole tonight.'s gone. I shall no longer be like Mr. Incredible of The Incredibles with a huge pole dominating my cube. I'm moving to some cushy windows digs. I was whistling as I rolled my chair and computer peripherals over there today.

Eryn isn't quite so lucky. Her "Sarge" die cast toy from Cars was one of those recalled for lead-based paint. Guess sending her to the local private school isn't going to work out after all. She was very sad. And if you know me, you know I couldn't resist pointing out that perhaps all of her die cast cars from Cars were suspect. She went into what looked like immediate methhead withdrawal/get-a-fix mode, eyes wide, and bargaining to keep them around. She looked a little irritated with me when I said I was kidding.

My best of Loverboy CD came in the mail today - used, approximately $6.50 with shipping and handling. If there were any doubts as to my geek credentials on various fronts, that should seal it.

I finished the last Harry Potter book. Usually I don't get them until after the first year or two has passed - but I had access to a copy and burned through it while waiting for the virus scans to complete. That way I could get back to my book on programming and Domain Specific Languages. I'm going to post about that - I think it's cool, but it'll probably put some of you to sleep.

I think everyone's done being sick here. By everyone, I mean everyone but me. Which is good, because it might mean I don't have to sleep on the couch anymore to avoid infection. Yep - computer infected, daughter infected, wife infected. A pretty serious Trojan.

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