Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In a sort of general way, within a week or so, it's the third year since I started Nod To Nothing. An anniversary. That's a lot of writing. I think the positives are generally that it forces me to think about what it is I've done in the past and change my modus operandi a bit from year to year. While that's not the only reason I do things like RAGBRAI, it contributes. And I meet some fun people who talk to me and trade ideas and interests, even if they don't invite me to their housewarming barbeques. Ahem. You know who you are. And I get to keep up on the day-to-day, or maybe week-to-week is more accurate, happenings of my friends and family, which is a vast improvement over the old snail mail days. And my daughter will have rock solid proof of the things I did as her parent, evidence I sadly lack on my own parents who made me play in cabinets, gave me old pipes and spools as playthings, encouraged me to swim in the ditch at backwater duplexes, and engaged in slave labor by making me glean potatoes and/or tomatoes. All I really have visual proof of is that they dressed me up as a clown.

1,312 posts since I started, 117,400 hits since the beginning (about 80,000 in 2007) - and I still have blogger friends I talk to on a regular basis. A few more than before, even. I think my hits will drop off a bit though as I transition some of my photos from my old ISP to Flickr. Google images searches hitting my blog accounted for quite a few hits. Easter Penis alone (bottom of the post) seems to account for 17 hits a day. And cuckolding generates quite a bit of interest, even though it really has nothing to do with me other than my penchant to comment on Dan Savage.

Snip from 2006:
"902 posts, over 36,000 hits since I started counting (18,000 in 2005, a little overy 16,000 so far this year and averaging about 2400 a month), and a bunch of blogger friends I like to talk to on a semi-regular basis. Seems respectable, though I obviously don't rate as much over two years as a clever picture on Worth rates in a day. But my value isn't as obvious as the picture - I'm more of an acquired habit."

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She says said...

If we grill it, will they come?

I hereby invite the Scooter family to a barbeque which I will host for him with him as the guest of honor. There will be not just grilling but roasting as well.

We will buy copious amounts of good beer (not the Miller Lite crap we have left over), 1/2 pound burgers and a flock of drumsticks for Scooter, PTW, Eryn et al to injest, imbibe and otherwise consume. I'll even let Scooter and SM talk gaming stuff without making faces at you both.

You just did the RAGBRAI. Think you can handle the MN-MD haul?

Oh yes my friend, the gauntlet has been thrown down!