Monday, August 06, 2007

Bee Car

When Ming and I came back from a lunchtime burrito, we parked in an empty spot very close to the building. After parking, it seemed like perhaps no one had parked there because they were afraid of the bee car. Kitty Corner (Catty Corner if you're a hick from WV) to Ming's car was a blue car that was covered in bees. Bees on the hood. Bees on the doors. Bees on the roof. Bees crawling in and out of the grill. It seemed like there was actually a hive somewhere in the car. How does that happen and you don't notice? How does that happen and you don't get the crap stung out of you? There were literally 40-80 bees just sitting on the car. I was pondering how that works from a honey gathering perspective: "Hey...dudes. Don't fly. We'll be there in 35 minutes." "Does that mean we have to listen to the Barrack Obama ebook on the way to the pollen?" "Better than Management in 5 minutes!" "Barely." That's probably why they looked so mad...disagreement about ebooks.

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PTW said...

I hope Dan'l never has to work on that person's furnace or AC. He'll never get past the driveway.