Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Agnes Moorehead

Reading a post at Out of the Jungle convinced me that I should finally go look at this wikiscanner thing the nets have been discussing. I input my employer (who has many associated affiliates) and found out that they're not scrubbing their own entries, so much as someone at one affiliate is spending a lot of time updating things like the personal life of Agnes Moorehead. And people sometimes suspect that I have a lot of free time at work - ha! I did learn that Agnes died of uterine cancer in my state (down in Rochester - presumably at Mayo), and that she was a conservative kook in her later days, giving most of her stuff to Bob Jones University. And she lived on Moorehead Manor - doesn't Bob Jones University have to decline Moorehead? You know, for Biblical reasons.


Anonymous said...

Hello sportsfans....as a GIANT Agnes Moorehead fan, I feel compelled to respond to this post. Contrary to various RUMORS swirling around the internet, Agnes DID NOT leave her worldly goods to Bob Jones University....she left her FARM, & some of her bibles to John Brown University!!! Check it out in Charles Tranbergs WONDERFUL biography of Agnes...."I love the Illusion...the Life & Career of Agnes Moorehead". Aggie had TONS of gay male friends herself...including her longtime "beard"....ooops, friend....Ceasar Romero. In fact MOST showbiz types,in the "know" insist Aggie was....well @ the very LEAST Bi. All I know is she was a GREAT actress....one of the ALLTIME best...so leave her ALONE already!!!

Melissa Maras said...

she was not bi. she was a conservative republican because she was a big Christian. the "I love the illusion" book even stated that the only one that said so was paul lynde....a drunk. She was too religious to do such a thing....but she did have many friends who were gay....she loved the people, not the sin...as all Christians should.