Monday, August 06, 2007


These are for Mean Mr. Mustard, because if you're on vacation, bridge collapses don't seem as real unless one of your friends snaps a few pictures. They're pretty far away, because I don't have a fancy camera, so I can only zoom a few times normal, and they have the whole area sealed off, even the bridges nearby. There were cops all over the place, and construction guys acting like cops, and so much police tape it was hard to believe. I had to walk through some tape to take pictures, but there was "police" tape and "caution" tape, so I selected "caution" tape, even though it seemed obvious they'd run out of police tape and had to resort to whatever was left. I can't imagine you can get in trouble for walking past caution tape. That's just a warning, not notification that you're breaking a law.

So...from the parking ramp by Town Hall. The wide version:

And the tall version:

Seriously creepy, with the cars still sitting on the slope of the collapsed bridge, and the cop cars blocking access to the bridge beyond 3rd street. You can't see where it's collapsed if you're on the highway or Washington, you can just see it angling up past cop cars and barricades, and you know it disappears beyond that point, its just not obvious where the collapse begins.

Here's the closeup from cropping the picture:

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