Monday, July 02, 2007


He pardoned me? I didn't realize I'd done anything that needed pardoning.

Oh...wait...he pardoned that Scooter. That seems even more unlikely and unreasonable. Maybe unf*cking unconscionable to boot. But what do you expect from this unadministration? It was certainly nice of the pres to make us pay for the full farce of a trial before he put the kabosh on justice.

AmericaBlog has summations and statements.


Anonymous said...

He didn't even go about it like many presidents have, waiting until just before he walked out the door at the end of his term to wipe the slate clean for Scooter.

Mind you, he just "overturned" the judge's sentence. He still really, really, really respects the will of the jury. Sheesh! I guess he's saving the full pardon (eliminating the actual conviction, fines and parole time) until the end of his term, as a way of well and truly pissing on the judicial process.

Don't get me wrong - I realize many presidents do this sort of thing at some point during their administration, but it nevertheless disgusts me every time it happens....

LissyJo said...

I was reading on a conservative blog that we should celebrate the fact that our government is so 'checks and balances.' It's an exercise to display how intricate and beautiful our government works.

Complete bullsh*t. I question the 'way our government is' that we allow an un-elected president preside, allow him to go to war by lying, etc.