Sunday, July 29, 2007

RAGBRAI XXXV - What was in my Bike Pack

In the pack on the back of my bike, on the bike, and on me there was (equipment wise):

Two water bottles
Rain jacket (take it in and out depending on the weather report)
Blackberry (phone) - off unless needed
Camera - extra batteries
Notepad and pen
30 SPF sun block - later upgraded to 50 SPF
Money and credit cards
Maps of where we were going (elevations, populations)
Butt Balm
Spare tube
Wet wipes
Hex wrench
Toilet Paper (small amount in case places ran out)
Bike Gloves
Address for ex-boss' mom as a stopover point
Peanuts (some sort of snack)
Razor Knife (used three times during the ride)
Chain lubricant
Spoke wrench
SPF 15 Lip Cover
Strap for my pack to carry it (never used)
Tire Irons (one set between the two of us)
Extra memory card for the camera
Everything in plastic ziploc bags for rain safety

I wish I had brought:
an ipod with speakers (they make a way to attach them to your bike)
a kickstand (keeps the dew off your chain and gears - I have a little bit of rust)
a light (blinking, red - for early, overcast mornings - just the back of the bike)

At certain times, there was also:
A banana
A bottle of soda or water
Trash to throw away at the next stop
A fossil I found on the side of the road for Eryn (i.e. a big rock)
Knick knacks from the information booth (beads, spoke clickers, etc).

I packed pretty heavy simply because I had the extra space in my big bag. I think most people made due with putting SPF on in the morning and packing it in their big bag, and then making space for a camera, spare, tire irons, cell phone and money. My Dad carried most of the above (sans camera) in a somewhat smaller bag with webbing where he could easily tuck a banana.

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MeanMrMustard said...

Butt balm
Spare tube

I didn't need to read any further.