Friday, July 13, 2007

Cats, Prednisone, Taylor Carik and Facebook

Updated: changed Taylor's name so that it's Taylor, not Tyler. That's what I get for living so close to a Ty - even when I'm looking at "Taylor" in my aggregator, and on the flakmag website, I still end up typing Tyler when the fingers start moving. Thanks, Aaron.

My two favorite quotes from today:

One woman to another near the elevator at work: "I hear cats really have a way with prednisone." (why, yes they do, but with side effects!)

On flakradio with Taylor Carik (Taylor's blog is here) and James Norton, talking to Josh Harkinson from Mother Jones: "You're not going to find chicks to make out with with that conservative tag on your Facebook."


Aaron said...

I thought it was funny too... Heh...

P.S. It's "Taylor Carik."

Taylor said...

Hey, I've been called much, much worse. Thanks for listening to the podcast and enter our super sex spray naming contest if you come up with something!