Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weekend Fun

We had my niece over for a big chunk of the weekend. So there was swimming. And the park. And more swimming. She and Eryn got up at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and announced it was time to swim. They didn't get to go out that early. But when my niece noticed I was getting her swim diaper ready, she squealed, screamed, "I'm going swimming! I'm going swimming!" and rushed over and hugged my leg. When they finally did get out, it was for over three hours in the pool. Later I pulled over the red slide, and that was even better. Lots of yelling and giggling, and it kept them out of Claire's for the day.

Here's the two of them hamming it up.

And here's a video of them swimming in the "disgusting little pool", which doesn't have any water. Pooteewheet bought them a new $15 pool for the weekend so they weren't sitting in this equivalent of a large bucket. I should have had the forethought to fill it full of grapes.

Dinner was a nice selection of meats, breads, and other things to dip in a big pot of melted cheese. Mostly the adults ate the melted cheese - the kids didn't seem to like the wine.

And before bed we spent some time reading. Eryn declared herself a doctor and made sure no one was crampy after swimming and eating.


LissyJo said...

Jesus. She is still talking about how much fun she had. It's bad when i actually feel bad that i'm not having fun with her on my birthday evening away when i call you and she's squeeling in the background with joy and then says nothing but "Bye mom" on the phone!

Anonymous said...

If you would take the picture of Scooter and Baby back about 30 years. It would be identical of Scooter and Lissyjo reading a book.