Monday, June 11, 2007


I recently sent my primary professor from my time as a Master's student four of five large boxes of pens. They were all drug pens. Pens with little blue pills floating in them. Pens that looked like bottles of medicine but weren't. Pens with brand name after brand name after brand name. Cheap plastic pens. Expensive metal pens you'd be jealous to own. Approximately $30 in shipping of drug pens - there were probably more than 1000 of the things. This is what happens when you let some aspect of your collecting habits slip in front of me, and I can fulfill some of the holes without too much personal effort. She Says can attest to the lawyer junk I used to send her - it's how I originally found her on the web.

Wired has an article up about the swag you can collect at the APA (images). Very similar, although a picture of a thousand pens would be cooler. I'm now sorry I forgot to take one. Maybe next time.

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She says said...

Indeed. Scooter totally rocks. In fact, the whole Scooter family rock. I have great swag that I still use on a regular basis.

But I'll also admit that when he first offered to mail me stuff, I wondered if he was a weirdo.

Hmmm... do you get that often, Scooter? People wondering if you're a weirdo?

Whatever the verdict on that one, Scooter totally rocks.