Monday, June 04, 2007


Eryn wanted to try the big rollercoaster at the Mall of America as she's been taller than 42" for a while now. I was a little worried she'd be frightened, but she kept repeating over and over again the mantra taught to her by that wise sage of pre-K, Little Katie..."I'm braver than a pickle". Because, as it was so obviously explained to me, if a pickle can be brave with no arms, then the least you can do is be brave if you have arms because, unlike the pickle, you can hang on. Apparently this applies equally well to rollercoasters and tire swings. I think maybe Little Katie's dad watches too much Kung Fu.

Although it's a bit fuzzy - here's the Scooter clan on the rollercoaster. Subsequent rides followed with Pooteewheet and Grandma Scooter. Eryn picked the lead car. After three rides, she was certain sitting in the front was best.

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