Wednesday, June 13, 2007


1.) Notice that a particular report is very difficult to reach in a web application and requires many clicks and some typing.

2.) Draft up CMMI-compatible change request to include a link from the place where you would normally want to hop to the report. Provide justification. Screen shots. Potential location. Even the .do command and parameter necessary to make it work within the app.

3.) Be asked for stats regarding how often the page is accessed and the web trail people follow to get there.

4.) Reply that you're not a developer on that web application project, or a business unit person, or anyone with access to those statistics. The application, and the person asking own the web logs. But you're a user, and it's difficult for you. So anecdotally, you think you have a valid request.

5.) Be told that the request is denied because there's not enough traffic to the report to support the change.

6.) Be a very good boy and don't point out that perhaps there's no traffic to the report because it takes too many clicks to get to the report.

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