Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where's the Red Pill?

This was on the cabinet very close to my cube today. It worries me. Is someone implying that there's the only option is to take the blue pill? Is there an assertion that I've already copped out and decided to live in the Cubetrix rather than ask the question that will free me from the life I'm leading? Is Mr. Anderson lurking inside my coworkers? (I have always suspected he's a crappy piece of Perl code.)

Pete complained that his leg was aching, and I offered him the pill, noting that I just found it "sitting on the cabinet near my cube" and he declined. I think he may have the red pill squirreled away somewhere, else why decline the blue pill? On a positive note, it was a very sunny and pleasant day in the Cubetrix.


pete said...

Obviously someone already took the red pill. :)

Anonymous said...

At least it doesn't look like "the little blue pill" so you don't have to worry about coworkers having wild sex in your cube.