Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Unicylists and the KKK

Unfortunately, those things in the title aren't related. That would be really interesting. But I can't even find a picture on the Google, so at least some things you're not likely to see in this lifetime, even if you go in search of them.

Boss, from work, is always asking questions about unicyclists I see while I'm on rides. I've recently joined the Adventure Cycling organization and they sent me a e-newsletter with fun adventure cycling links. Like this one, about an adventure unicyclist. 100 miles? Angkor? Insane. I like his statement, "Adventure Unicycling is about pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone". For me, that would be about 60 seconds after climbing on the damn thing.

It's been a while since I linked to Orcinus. But he has a funny - in the really scary way - post up about a KKK Confederate flag flying over a Michigan picnic. The idea that we don't care is the same as we're not racist is amazing. Not caring if people are subjected to a KKK flag is a serious issue - it makes you an ass. Take the f-ing thing down or call the police and have them take it down.

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