Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sweet...Google Mapalicious

I made the recommendation today that my bike group add a Google map to their site so that I can see where rides start and, based on the color, what the ride level is, for the next month. They, being wise beyond their miles, replied (I paraphrase), "When will you have it done?"

To which I can now reply...soon. This one doesn't use an xml file of ride dates, addresses, and levels, but that's just a matter of throwing together an appropriate parser, and tricking ride submitters into making sure they include that information in their listing. After that, I should have a web page that works. I'm looking forward to not having to scan a few hundred rides for those that start in the south and aren't A/B level.

Scooter's First Google Map

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pete said...

Very cool. I would love to see the final version.