Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blackberry Pancakes

I did not drop it. At least not yesterday, which is the timeframe of this story. That's not to say I haven't dropped it other times, like last week when I was shingling and it hit the cement after popping off my belt while I was about halfway up the ladder. But if they didn't intend for it to be in a certain amount of danger, they wouldn't put me on call.

Yesterday I pulled a new one. I dripped syrup in the little metal mesh cooling area on the back while I was out for breakfast. Maple with a bit of brown sugar mixed in, if it matters. It's hard to figure out how to panic when you pour maple syrup in your Blackberry. Should you suck it out? Or is that more dangerous for the circuits? What about dabbing it with water? Spit? Stickier, so it's more difficult to push it into the guts of thing, yet still a solvent. So perhaps less likely to trickle inside. That's the one I went with, although I did it after taking a dry napkin to the back and siphoning off everything that could be siphoned. Truth is, it wasn't much syrup. But I felt sort of stupid managing to spill it directly on the vent, and even sillier taking a napkin with a bit of spit on it to it...sort of like Johnny Depp licking crabs in that new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If it were much geekier.


Anonymous said...

I think the little slots/grid on the back are just there for the ringer/speaker if the ones you describe are anything like the ones on my Treo. It's just a place for the sound to get out of the plastic case so it doesn't resonate inside. If that is the case, the danger to the internal workings of your Blackberry is probably minimal. And keep in mind, there is almost no way you could be as abusive to your Blackberry as one of our salespeople was with his Treo, since he ran it over with his car the first day he was using it :)

PTW said...

This is sort of like when you spilled Splash into the cooling fan of my laptop. But not nearly as destructive.