Monday, May 21, 2007

Bad Pushup

I am exhausted. I took the day off to put together all the miscellaneous furniture that needed assembly, and to finish the roof on the shed at the duplex. That meant cutting down all the hip shingles from the 1x3 strips and putting them on the roof, with a generous amount of tar. My hands are seriously cramped from wielding a razor blade and bending and nailing. That roof is 16 feet x 12 feet. Doesn't seem huge, but for a shed, that's big, particularly with a hip roof. Most run about 7x7 or 8x10.

When I got home, I spent the rest of the day hanging with Eryn as I felt sort of bad about ditching her on Grandpa and Grandma over the weekend just to shingle. I made her a Find Eryn puzzle (much like Where's Waldo), and broke out the plaster animals I bought at work that I promised her we would paint after her weekend away. I was originally going to just get her paints and googly eyes to decorate rocks, but then I noticed the plaster animals at the work gift shop and though, "Why spend nothing when I could spend a lot?" The animals are pretty cool, although I got a lot of crap at work carrying them around at the end of the day. There's a picture and a movie below.

Oh yeah, the push up. When I was giving Eryn her bath, I brought up a push up from the downstairs freezer. After a while in the tub she yells, "Dad! This push up is bad!" I was confused. How can a sherbet push up be bad? But I trust her, so I took it away and gave her an icee instead. It was while I was running hot water over it to wash it down the sink that the validity of her taste buds was confirmed. The bottom part would not melt. It just sort of oozed and hung, like hot plastic. That's disgusting. I probably gave her a year old push up. Nasty.

Here's animal painting...said animals are now on display in the "new" (i.e. pre-inherited) china hutch.

Here's more animal painting, if you prefer running commentary.

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