Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ankle-Strap Wedgie

I don't have much to scribble because I just got done with four pages of writing and that sort of used up my productivity for the evening, but I offer this Google pictorial of an Ankle Strap Wedge and Flickr pictorial of the same, because being a male of the sort completely uninterested in fashion, I had no idea what the hell Harlan Ellison was talking about when I began reading his story "Miss Ankle-Strap Wedgie". You can only imagine my disappointment to discover it was a shoe, and that the story was in the Nebula 2007 collection when it had absolutely nothing to do with science fiction.

On a more disturbing note, here's a wonderful story from the Southern Poverty Law Center just because I don't feel like keeping it to myself. That's right, someone(s) in Idaho vandalized an Anne Frank memorial not once, but twice. Even if you don't believe in the Holocaust, what's the sense in vandalizing community property, and in vandalizing a statue dedicated to a little girl? Hate. It's just hate. Some days it seems to drive an awful lot of things in the world.

"[ID] Anne Frank Memorial Vandalized - The Olympian / May 21, 2007
A memorial to Holocaust victim Anne Frank was toppled and damaged by vandals two months after being plastered with neo-Nazi stickers."

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