Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Two Items of Interest

I was reading Fray...yep, the graphic novel about a slayer in Joss Whedon's Buffy universe, I read everything - pretty good as far as a graphic novel goes, by the by...and when I got to the end, there was an advertisement for an Angel comic book. Um...ish. I have limits, and I'm pretty sure that those limits occur well short of David Boreanaz looking all sultry at me from the cover of a comic book. Anyway, I guess Mean Mr. Mustard had checked out Fray before I had. You can see he left a few notes for fellow readers. If your cursive decoding isn't so great, it says simply, "Yummy."

Did you ever notice that in Escape To Witch Mountain, when the boy (Tony) uses a harmonica to animate a raincoat on a broom to scare the cop (Sheriff Perdy) who's got them locked up, the cop has a file drawer topped by West Reporters? That's a different use for them than in most of the movies where you catch them behind lawyers and politicians. You have to wonder what he was doing with oh, four or five of them. Maybe those are the only ones that apply to Podunk, Nowhere, which is somewhere near Witch Mountain. Or maybe he stole them from the law library when he burned out at William Mitchell Law School.
If you haven't seen the movie, I suggest you skip right to the sequel, Return From Witch Mountain, because how can you not want to watch a movie with this plot: "Their trip is interrupted by a vision of a falling man. Tony leaves Tia in their taxi while he goes to investigate, and ultimately saves the man's life. His intervention is witnessed by an evil scientist, who kidnaps him and uses drugs and a mind-control device to make Tony his slave for a robbery heist. Tia befriends a Disneyfied pre-teen LA "gang" whose members help her search for Tony. In the end, Tia must free Tony and prevent both a major gold robbery and a nuclear power plant incident."


Anonymous said...

When I was younger I was kind of expecting more Witch Mountain movies, for no other reason that they had lots more prepositions to use up.

Escape to Witch Mountain
Return from Witch Mountain
[verb][preposition] Witch Mountain

So I was expecting more like:

Journey above Witch Mountain
Voyage toward Witch Mountain
Talking about Witch Mountain

But they stopped at two.

PrincessMax said...

In my childhood thirst for anything supernatural in my reading material, I read the books for those two movies. However, I never saw the movies. I remember weird little details like the Winnebago with mud splashed on it to hide the license plate.