Friday, April 13, 2007

Post-pourri (oh yeah...just a little bit different)

So...I was wondering if work might move me to a cube without a pole, if they knew that sometimes, like yesterday, when I sit down, I tend to bump into the pole and drag my blackberry down the thing. Not a little bump, but a long, drawn out, scrape down the side of the pole, just short of leaving behind one of those rubber streaks a tire leaves behind when you suddenly become aware that someone's grabbed your steering wheel, you know, "dinged" it because they're immitating some other idiot, and you're going to go off the road and into a 30' tall street light...because a green car ran you off the road. Seriously officer, a green car ran me off the road. Don't act like you've never been there.

I suppose the answer is some sort of smart ass engineering fix like, "move it to your other hip", but I have a tendency to bounce it off completely when it's on that side and I'm doing something, like walking (not quite, but almost - getting out of the car has done it) . Of course, that explains why they put my desk in backwards so the cable groove is toward the front - it's sort of like a roundabout for the blackberry if it were on the correct (left) hip.

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Anonymous said...

The light post does it have anything to do with a friend who you still associate with and an old shrunken head you had hanging in this particular vehicle. And, mabe two young people not behaving in a moving car? What one hears from a big grape vine at that time does not hold up to the facts stated. But, it was a good story at the time.