Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lucky Numbers

Ming's parents sent me a book to help me figure out my lucky lottery numbers so I don't have to chop up any tourists. I'm supposed to figure out what I dream about, or what I'm doing that day, and correlate it to the appropriate picture in the book so I have a series of numbers. There's a handy index in the front with English translations so I'm not too confused. Unfortunately, there are two numbers on every picture, which confuses me. Am I supposed to pick the big obvious number, or the smaller number in parentheses? Do I have to do something special like chop up a tourist to use the bracketed numbers? And I seem to end up on this page with the biking and the beer drinking every time. There's some sort of sexy snuggling in the upper right corner, and that picture in the middle isn't a blowjob, but tailoring - so don't assume my life is more exciting than it really is.
By the way, if you're ever playing badminton by yourself with a ping pong ball in your panties while husking coconuts, make sure to play these numbers: 891, 345, 901, 809, 798 (although if your lottery doesn't use numbers that high, try using the page numbers: 45 18 46 41 40). And if you hang yourself, there's a number to pick as well. Which is confusing, because it would seem to come after picking your numbers.
A big thanks to Ming's parents - I'm enjoying the book!

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